The plastic pollution solution using superior data-driven insights

We provide state-of-the-art marine pollution intelligence so you can make better decisions for a cleaner world

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Why this matters?

Oceans regulate our climate, produce ⅔ of the oxygen we breathe, sustain the livelihoods of millions and provide nourishment for nearly 3 billion people.
Let's do planet Earth a favor and create sustainable, abundant and thriving oceans.

What we deliver

An AI solution for cleaner oceans.
We help you achieve:
  • Impactful decision-making.
  • Better management of environmental trade-offs.
  • Improved governance and accountability.

Harness the power to prevent and predict marine pollution with access to our solutions and services to best suit your specific needs.


Image labeling

Accuracy & efficiency

We label marine pollution images for you easily & efficiently. Our technology identifies and categorizes plastic items and types (eg. plastic bottle, fishing net, bottle cap, PVA, PET etc.) with high accuracy, providing you with the confidence of high-quality, structured and meaningful data.


Whitelabel App

Tailored to your needs

Opt for a white-label App solution with the capability to quickly capture data, and smartly suggest & categorize large volumes of images. The data is automatically uploaded to the cloud so you can replace cumbersome manual methods. This features integration with real-time meteorology data to enhance correlations and insights.


Insights & Analytics

Superior data-driven insights

Increase your capability to better measure, predict and prevent marine pollution. Access user-friendly analytics and powerful visualizations in interactive dashboards which include real- time reporting and monitoring.


Data Access (APIs)

Plug into big data

Systemic change comes from a coordinated global effort. Experience the benefit of our APIs for data sharing, data ingestion, bulk data upload, and  accessing built-in domain specific AI/ML algorithms.

Let's make an
impact together

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How we deliver

Our AI platform combines the human-in-the-loop approach with the best of machine learning algorithms trained and optimised onhigh quality and accurate datasets. This technology unlocks superior quality detection, auto image labeling and segmentation and predictive analysis.

We call this Marine Pollution Intelligence.

Data annotation

Access our visual labeling service for marine pollution using a combination of labeling tools, data pipelines and a trained human workforce to classify and identify the data according to standardized data taxonomy.

Machine learning & Big data platform

We implement state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms and deep learning architectures for image processing, object detection, identification, prediction & analytics.

Plug & Play integration

Our platform is built on an API first approach which makes it possible to have smooth plug and play integration with your systems (third party).


Rafael Bergstrom
Executive Director
Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii

Poseidon Data totally revolutionized the way we identify and record our beach clean-ups. We work faster and smarter and the insights we have gained unlock superior decision-making so we're now making a bigger difference than ever before.

Karsten Hirsch
CEO & Co-founder
Plastic Fischer

Poseidon Data enables us to provide quantifiable evidence to our customers of our impact on the ground. Poseidon Data has a huge potential to play a significant role in waste identification and data analysis.

We are supporting the prevention and significant reduction
of all kinds of marine pollution (SDG 14.1). 

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