About Us

Why this matters?

Clean water sustains all life on our planet and it’s the passion that drives Poseidon Data.

We’re on a mission to reverse the catastrophic environmental trends impacting our oceans and to leave the Earth in better condition than we found it. We know we can’t do this alone. We believe that business can be a force for good through a coordinated effort across the globe to drive systemic change. By working together with governments, global corporations and international bodies, the Poseidon Data marine pollution intelligence platform is creating a ripple effect for a better value of life for all communities.

Leverage our expertise

We are a purpose-driven organization created to solve the global ocean pollution problem.

Co-founder Terence Bell was the first person to solo swim around the Hawaiian Island of Kauai. The driving force for this swim was to raise awareness of the devastating impact of ocean plastic pollution. Partnering with Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii he raised US$40,000 to fund education programs and beach clean-up events.

Co-founder Saad Amin grew up in Pakistan believing that brown polluted oceans were normal, until he began traveling the world and experienced pristine clear blue waters. He is committed to using technology to solve ocean pollution so that his Australian-born son and future generations can experience a cleaner world.

With over a decade of expertise in the ocean economy and building technology solutions, let us help you create meaningful change.